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Niche-Specificity Means We Are Crazy Fast!

Highly Personalized Service

Offering highly personalized retained search service, at BionetwRx, we work to deeply understand your unique company and specific search needs while delivering tailored Executive and BOD Search results within the biotechnology oncology sector.  From assisting with collaboratively crafting the position description, and understanding your corporate culture, to presenting top-notch candidates, salary benchmarking and negotiations, as well as post-onboarding follow up, we are present and always available to both client and candidate.  We pride ourselves on serving as a liaison, partner, and resource throughout the entire search process, while delivering innovative, creative, strong, and decisive leadership.

We create and sustain lasting relationships.  With personal friendships and contacts dating back to the mid-1990s and our days spent at Immunex Corp (now Amgen) we are deeply rooted and connected within the oncology world.

Because we focus exclusively on the recruitment of executives in the oncology biotech sector, we have active and vast relationships with professionals at the top of their game. We quickly pinpoint the most appropriate prospects, based on your specific needs and corporate culture.

Niche-specificity equates to a faster time to close.

Why Choose BionetwRx?

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon We attract top talent early in the search process. Because we quickly understand your science, culture, financials, and other unique offerings, we are immediately able to engage top talent.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon We know our niche. Our Founder and President, Kristi Thomas, has two decades of successful executive and M.D. search experience with deep insight into the nature of the business; furthermore, she is a former outstanding and award-winning oncology drug sales representative with Immunex Corporation (now Amgen.)  Kristi was consistently in the annual top 10 of oncology sales reps and regularly recognized for her leadership abilities. With a proven track record, she has forged invaluable relationships with corporate executives and oncology thought leaders alike.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon We have lived oncology since 1996. Having worked in the hem/onc biotech arena since 1996, we have a tremendously deep, vast, and global network of top-tier industry executives.  We understand the specific needs of small biotech companies and how these needs differ from those of big pharma.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon Personalized for you. At BionetwRx, we provide highly tailored and personalized service. We value working with your specific needs.  We listen, understand, execute, and deliver.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon Transforming your business. We understand how a couple of key hires can transform your business, not only financially, and with equal importance, culturally.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon We believe in the power of symbiotic heterogeneity. Now, more than ever, there is widespread evidence illustrating diverse leadership teams and governance boards equate to performance excellence; we understand and believe in the power of a heterogeneous, culturally sound team.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon Commitment to continual growth. Continuing education and process improvement is of the utmost importance to us. Throughout our search partnership, we welcome real-time and constructive feedback from you to optimize your search.

BioNetwRX Executive Search | Icon We like to have fun!  We can guarantee you’ll not only be impressed by our candidate slates, and best of all, you’ll enjoy connecting with us!


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